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Payroll Services

We offer a cost-efficient service to meet your day to day payroll requirements and all submissions to HM Revenue and Customs.

Our services are built to be suited for payrolls of all sizes and types, whether it is weekly or monthly.  Our Payroll Bureau will provide the following services:

HM Revenue & Custom's Requirements

  • Real Time Information (RTI) Submission to HM Revenue & Customs
  • Issuing of P45 for leavers
  • Preparation of P60s for your employees in each tax year

Our Standard Service

  • Payroll systems customised to fit the size and type of business you run
  • An option of maintaining a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll
  • Providing hard or soft copies of pay-slips
  • Provide payroll reports
  • Advice on monthly, quarterly or annual PAYE and NIC liability payments
  • Ensuring that your business adheres to the most current regulations that affect you and your business
  • Dealing with third parties such as HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf
  • Calculating and completing CIS returns

Additional Services

  • Tailored reporting to your individual requirements - i.e by location, department etc.
  • Salary payment services
  • Assisting with exemptions for Expatriates
  • Assisting with income queries regarding Housing Benefit, Tax Credit claims and requests from landlords and mortgage lenders
  • Providing basic employment and HR advice
  • Carrying out a payroll health check to ensure that it meets legal requirements

We can work with you to develop a set of ‘Employment Procedures' relevant to your business with all the required documentation necessary to cover daily issues including sickness, holiday, disciplinary and grievance procedures. All of these are required in order to avoid disputes and indeed the risk of a tribunal proceedings.